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AtriaSiipi and A-Rehu 

Atria is the largest meat processor in Finland and one of the leading food industry companies in Nordic countries, Russia and the Baltic region.

There are 100 farms in Atria broiler production chain. 80 of farms have growing stocks and the rest are breeding stocks. All the farms have a long term contracts with Atria. Hatchery is owned by Atria. 

The volyme is 52 million kg broiler meat. Average slaughter weight is 1,7 kg. The health status is very high.  There is no salmonella (not any species) and no use of antibiotics.

Feed sales are integrated with meat purchasing
A-Rehu Ltd is a subsidiary of Atria Finland and a part of Atria Plc. A-Rehu produces feeds for cattle and pigs and sells different kinds of feed components and industrial by-products, like barley protein feed from ethanol production, whey, potatoe products, brewers grain, rapeseed and soyabean meals etc. A-Rehu also sells grains and animal farm equipments.

A-Rehu has today three feed mill plants. Koskenkorva factory, located in western part of Finland, produces feeds for cattle and pigs 120.000 tons yearly. Major part of the feeds are concentrates. Next to the cattle and pig feed factory there is a new broiler feed factory with capacity of 100.000 tons. Varkaus factory, located in eastern part, produces feed for cattle 60.000 tons per year.